About Us

Pathway to Freedom is a long term residential recovery for men looking for a way out of drug and alcohol addiction

Our Story

Pathway provides addiction recovery programs for men healing from addiction. The programs have a proven success rate and an excellent reputation of supporting clients in their return to their families, workplace and their lives.

General Information

We offer First & Second Stage recovery housing. Each client must attend 4 meetings a week, have 3 pages of step work Mon, Wed and Fri. Complete their household chores daily.

We can help provide access to outside counseling and career planning programs for clients.

We also have means for an on-site testing for drugs or alcohol. Testing is done at random or if a staff member suspects that drugs or alcohol is being used. Our clients safety is of utmost importance.

While in our recovery housing, clients are to attend AA, NA or CA meetings regularly and have an in-house group sharing session each morning.


Referral and funding of a client may be arranged through a variety of resources.

  • Government funded/certified by the Assistant Live In Registry
  • Employment Assistance Plans
  • Private Funding

Funding covers food, shelter, and other basic needs. For additional information, contact us at rob@pathwaytofreedom.ca

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