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About Pathway To Freedom

Pathway To Freedom is a residential recovery house in Surrey, British Columbia. Our facilities offer a sanctuary for addiction treatment, healing and support for building sustainable, long-term recovery for life.

Our Goal

No matter what stage you and your family are at in your alcohol dependency, drug dependency and mental health recovery, becoming a member of the Pathway To Freedom community is just the beginning of your journey to recovery, hope and wellness.

Our commitment to your recovery means we’re with you every step of the way with ongoing, personalized treatment for addiction, and substance use that supports what you need and when you need it for a sustainable recovery.

“See What Life Really Has To Offer.” 

"Give Up One Thing For Everything"


– Robert Jones, Pathway to Freedom

Our Recovery Process


Gain clarity and experience the relief of finally walking free from the heaviness of your addiction.


Find recovery and healing within your family, community, recovery supports and peers.



Move forward into a lifetime of renewed hope, courage and strength. Second Chance At Life.

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